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Governance: Local Democratic Development and Civic Engagement

Pact has a long history supporting good governance, decentralization, democratic development, civic engagement and fighting corruption in Cambodia. Building capacity at all levels of government and civil society, Pact

Funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the PROCEED project empowers Cambodian citizens to exercise increased power to improve governance at the sub-national level, using a Human Rights Based Approach: access to information, transparency, participation and non-discrimination. The project pursues three key objectives: 1. Increased communication among citizens that reflects well-informed,
self-interested opinions on district governance issues; 2. More district council actions are directly influenced by diverse citizen participation; and 3. Government policies around Sub-National Democratic Development (SNDD)
are more influenced by civil society. The project focuses on building the “demand” side of governance (civil society) while also supporting the “supply” side (officials and civil servants) to be more responsive and accountable to citizens. Pact and our partners implement PROCEED in Battambang, Pursat, Kampong Cham and Mondulkiri provinces. A 2-page profile of the PROCEED project is available in English and Khmer.

Pact collaborates with Plan International to implement the Commune Child Friendly Governance (CCFG) Project. Seeking to increase the extent to which communes identify, prioritize and fund policies and projects that benefit the rights and needs of children, the project increases children and youth’s and participation in commune council activities, while strengthening the councilors’ responsiveness to children’s needs. The project deepens good governance among commune councils in multiple ways, including transparent and implementation of child-friendly social development projects, citizen monitoring of child-friendly commune activities and decisions, a commune child-friendly governance assessment and increased citizen access to information. Pact implements the CCFG Project in Kampong Cham and Siem Reap provinces.
Recent success stories

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